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MTDS facilitates the development of an ‘Optimal Quality Outcome’ for stakeholders. Our difference and expertise are categorized by 3 areas:

Business building:

Business building: by finding common ground and developing synergistic results

  • Bringing together stakeholders, team members and suppliers to successfully fulfill a common goal, where the respective specialized work becomes exemplary, and the outcome is a collective optimal solution.

Propelling performance:

Propelling performance: through people’s passion

  • Research-led decision making
  • Leadership and team engagement around an optimal quality outcome. Ability to work and sustain relationships in person and remotely.
  • Supplier relationship management for long-term mutually desired partnerships.
  • Interpersonal skills to work with diverse groups and individuals from subject matter experts to members of the public / consumers.

Strengthening systems:

Strengthening systems: to ensure sustainability

  • Passionate about simplification (user-friendly functionality), creativity and innovation.
  • Research, analysis and measurement focused to aid continuous quality refinement.
  • Experienced in protecting brand reputation and minimizing risk.
  • Encourages sustainable practices to prolong an asset’s life-cycle or a supplier’s relationships.
  • Financial and break-even focus from concept development to viable operations
Optimal Quality Outcomes will make a difference by improving a business, service or product while simultaneously maximizing value:
  • From limited resources e.g. funding, support from Government, water and energy.
  • By embracing diversity within communities.