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Project List

Mission Possible — Lend Lease
Facilitated the development of a home for a brain –injured child, Jackson Stubbs and his family. The design aimed to support Jackson in his developmental years and into adulthood.

Kids on Bond and Lend Lease Child care centers
Developed a child care center interior fit-out iand playground in the Sydney CBD for the Joint Venture between Lend lease and Westpac on 2000.

jonneys_club.gifThe Joey Clubs: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane—Qantas Child care centres Sourced and secured suitable sites for the development of purpose built child care centres in the 3 eastern seaboard states of Australia for Qantas employees and their families.
The Joey Clubs: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, are child care centers recognized by early childhood professionals and industry authorities as being exemplary in Design, Quality, Level of Service (delivered by an operator with a well established track-record for educating and caring for children and families). Results included on-going high levels of satisfaction from families and utilization of child care places 10-20% above industry levels.

Joint Ventures
Joint Venture arrangements facilitated between corporations in the top 100: Qantas, Air services Australia, Lend Lease, MLC/NAB, Westpac, Exxon, BP and Shell. Transformed the initial invitation / business case to on-going financial commitment and the signing of contractual agreements. Resulting in the development of functional and collaborative practices between the partners that still continue today.